Sugar is Dangerous

Sugar consumption in excess is likely responsible for most of our modern epidemics.  In the US we face skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes,


In case you can’t see this pic (it’s small because this site is made to be available on both larger screens and smart devices): go to

depression, dementia, addition, cancer and so many other ailments.  Ideal Nutrition’s focus on lowered carbs for weight release is SO good for your body in many ways.  The science is clear and is catching up!  This program is doable and actually makes you feel GOOD while releasing weight!  Watch some of the videos here and think it through.  This is the best program for weigh release.  It is like medicine for excess weight.

Watch this video.  It is my favorite for explaining the link between sugar and obesity.

Now watch this video.  It uses the work of the first and adds to it.  It is from 60 Minutes and sponsored by Pfizer, but it has some great points!!


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