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Email your questions from this site and call Ideal Nutrition at 801-664-9562 to take advantage of our nutrition and fitness coaching.  We are experts in healthy nutrition with an emphasis on weight loss.  We are available to take your call and schedule appointments Monday – Saturday 9AM to 4PM.

Our programs fit into the following:

1. Intensive Full Support Weight Release:

Weight loss has many components but the biggies; nutrition, exercise, habits, emotional eating, sleep, and stress reduction are addressed in this comprehensive system.  Nutrition is key for those trying to get a lot of weight off as fast as is safe and effective.  Therefore this system has nutrition at its heart.  We have a program with sufficient protein and micro nutrients to let your body release the weight while keeping you feeling good and retaining lean tissue.  This program can be individual sessions or in small groups.  Either way you will be supported by weekly coaching and our groups add a powerful facilitated meditation practice that has been proven to improve sleep and reduce stress.  We are so proud of this program!! Imagine yourself in our 100 club – lose 100 pounds, get into 100’s, and/or release enough weight to hit your goal!!!  When you are 100% committed, this is the most effective solution for weight release we’ve ever seen!

2. Custom Weight Release:

We have SO many tools available for weight release!  We have all of the knowledge and experience to help you develop and be held accountable to a plan to release weight.  We design a program using custom supplemental food, supplements, journaling, habit control, stress reduction, personal training, and other massively effective methods.

3. Health and Fitness Optimization:

We have experts in nutrition for endurance training and strength training.  We have Certified Personal Trainers who specialize in these 2 areas.  Whether your goal is to run your first 5K, triathlon, or to get cut for competition, we have the nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction expertise that will skyrocket you to success!!

4. Other Ideal Offerings:

We offer and alternative to bariatric surgery.  Our Intensive program can get results approaching those of bariatric surgery.  Many of our clients have come to us for food that is friendly to their weightloss efforts after having bariatric surgery.

We have a huge selection of reduced carbohydrate and sugar free items for those wanting diabetic friendly, delicious, and nutritious meals and snacks.

Come talk to our coaches!  We are here for you.  We will get you where you want to be!!

Are you IN?

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