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Mindfulness Meditations Day 1

We have all new meditations in the Yoga Nidra tradition! We would LOVE to send you 3 free recorded sessions!  Beware!! Yoga Nidra meditations changed my life, there’s no telling what a difference it could make for you ;). The

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Why is Yoga Nidra the Most Powerful Tool Available for Awareness and Connecting with Your Highest Purpose? Plus a Script!

Find the Wave File session below: Yoga Nidra is a means to bring your conscious self into a more aligned state with your subconscious and unconscious self.  Your biggest and truest power to make a life of purpose on purpose

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I Am Committed to Taking Care of and Honoring My Perfect Body

Watch meditation work wonders for you on your journey to health! You’ll probably need speakers.Chrissa Yoga Nidra 3  

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