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Grocery Shopping!

Here are some portions of a class that I taught that might be helpful in guiding you to shop well – this is heavily adapted from Marion Nestle’s work: Grocery store shopping tips for informed shopping: Saving money begins before

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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating One of the scary things about approaching weight release is the fear that you’ll have to starve or cut things out of your diet.  For most, this is not true.  Some of us choose a path that cuts foods

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Hot Tips for Burning Extra Calories

Whether you have maintained a healthy weight and are looking for a way to cut a few calories easily or you need a trick to accelerate your weight release, thermodynamics might be the boost you’re looking for.  A calorie is

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Guarantee Your Weight Release Success

In the Beginning: Guaranteeing Your Success If you are still worried about releasing weight or getting more fit and are not taking action; there is a reason. The single most important thing I did at the beginning of my journey

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Is losing weight fast healthy? Is it sustainable?

The turtle wins in this fable, but in real life (spoiler alert) – for most of us when it comes to weight release it’s the rabbit who wins. I’ve read a lot of opinions from people on Facebook, in articles,

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Find YOUR Way!

When I began my journey from obesity to a healthy weight, my choice in how to lose weight was to vigorously and without fail count my calories.  I stuck to under 2000 at first (which seems like a lot now,

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Change Can Be Hard

When we attempt change it ALWAYS has an element of difficulty.  There is a reason that we do not have all of the things that we want and are not all of the wonderful ways we could be.  We have

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Risk is Risky

Sometimes we get the idea from stories in movies and books that when we try hard and aim for a goal that magic happens and we hit our target our lives fall into place. In my experience, this is exactly

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Use This Tool!! Many Hands Make Light Work.

Do you know someone with a big goal?  Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to be a part of their achievement?  So many of us feel this way and yet we try to accomplish our goals on our own.  Maybe we feel

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Hope for weight release after sexual trauma.

Sexual trauma plays a part in gaining and holding weight for a shocking percentage of people – especially women.  In my opinion, compared to the number who struggle, we have been far to quiet about this cause for excess weight

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